Stranded For God's Purpose
Not Man's

Inmate Zones, Inc.

Incarcerated and disabled bedridden individuals receive access to job training sponsorships for survival in society!

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Online career training's to work remotely are endless!

Until now, isolated from society individuals just needed a hand when it came to online marketing one's self. Well, now we've got it. The time is now for incarcerated and disabled bedridden individuals to strike at achieving massive career goals by mastering the skills needed to own and operate businesses from any where in the world. 

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Would you like to be land investing while on vacation? Or maybe writing a best-selling mystery romance novel while incarcerated. How about learning graphic design to create your own motion picture or video game? The career choices we have to choose from are endless and the courses to do so are readily available NOW!

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Web Design Development

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Kickstarter businesses are no joke. You'll need unlimited websites, including but not limited to, online storefronts, landing pages, blogs, and much more. Having multiple makes it possible to test.

SEO & digital email marketing

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Everything from retargeting to segmenting your email list signups, you'll have front-row seats to your customers and gazer's inboxes for promoting to them again and again making them as well as your email list an evergreen evergrowing asset.

Social Media Marketing

Auto-align yourself on autopilot

Have the incentives to grow your outreach faster than any other using social media platforms. "What God has put together let no man put asunder." - American Standard Version Mark 10:9


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Matthew McIntear

Stranded to be used by God for Man. Lets do this together or moovveee out of the way!

Crystal Tolliver

Founder of Crystal Glam, and CEO of Helping Hands. Aspiring entrepreneur, working from home mother of two big boys with the youngest being diagnosis with Autism

Rachelle Scott

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